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Loopring is an open protocol for building high-performance, non-custodial orderbook exchanges on Ethereum. Loopring is the first zkRollup DEX protocol with on-chain data availability.


Loopring v3 uses a zkRollup construction to achieve scalable exchanges without sacrificing Ethereum security guarantees. It performs all computations off-chain, batches and proves these updates in a zkSNARK proof, and then submits it to Ethereum to verify.

Additionally, Loopring enforces on-chain data availability, meaning in conjunction with the Merkle root, other state transition data is also kept on Ethereum, as opposed to an off-chain consortium. As a result, the only assumption needed in order be certain one can always access their own funds, is that Ethereum will continue to exist.

While previous versions of Loopring were able to settle 2-3 trades per second on Ethereum, v3 raises throughput to 1,400 tps, with the commensurate reduction in settlement costs, currently well below one US cent per transaction.


Loopring Protocol is an assembly of Ethereum smart contracts, and zkSNARK circuits. These form the core of the v3 protocol. To run the protocol, a Relayer (or group of relayers) operates the off-chain components, including order hosting & proof generation.