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Etheremon is a role-playing game with training, battling, and transforming monsters. There are over 160 species in existence and the three starter monsters are free to "catch" in the official store. With the 17 different types of mosters each type is advantageous over exactly one other type.

Ancestors, Transforming, and Eggs

Ancestors are the related family required to transform any monsters. This includes up to three additional monsters that you'll need to catch and hang on to to trigger the transforming proress. Having ancestors present in the battle party increases the descendant's attack stats in battle.

Monsters can have up to 3 forms and require a level minimum and ancestors present to transform. Some monsters can lay an egg create another monster, generally at a mid-30s level. Also some monsters lose the ability to lay an egg after transforming.

Adventure Sites

Part of the Etheremon adventure play is sending your monsters to Adventure Sites. These adventures cost a small entry fee, but a monster can find battle shards, level stones or even other monsters. The fee from the adventure cost is split among the 10 site owners. Currently the cost is 0.1 Ether or 15 EMONT.

Battle Modes

There are 2 types of battling: Ranked and Practice. Ranked mode battles include 3 one-on-one battles of attacking mosters, best 2 out of 3 wins. The 3 attacking monsters can be supported by 3 defending monsters. The supporting lineup is crucial to build strong teams.

With wins trainers can increase their rank, while loses will decrease their rank. There are ranking competitions now and then where highest rank wins.


Tournaments consist of one-on-one battles against a pool of players where losing exits the competition for that tournament. There is a small entry fee and a prize pool for the top 4 contestants each tournament.

World Mode

World Mode is an imersive playing experience on desktop and mobile, currently in beta. It will likely relieve the previous adventure mode associated with adventures since adventures are included in world mode.


Kyber Network crossover

In September 2018, Kyber Network partnered with Etheremon to increase access to liquidity and allow players to pay for adventure fees in any ERC-20 currency supported by Kyber. Etheremon also added Kybera for a limited release, which cannot lay eggs and has one transformation.

Decentraland crossover

Etheremon are accessible in Picture Frames as part of the Decentraland Scene builder. The partnership was announced in February of 2018 and are ready to go with Decentraland's expected launch in Summer 2019.