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Mythereum battle


Mythereum is a unique fantasy trading card game. Battles and initial card creation take place on a native sidechain and cards can be moved to the mainnet Ethereum chain with a minting transaction. Players can retrieve free Survival cards to begin playing.


Battles are one-on-one with decks of at least 7 and a starting hand of 5 cards. To start each user chooses a Leader. This is the first card laid and said to be in the "first position". All of the remaining cards in the players hand are support cards.

Card Breakdown

The Swords and Shield icons on the top of the cards show the cards attack and defense stats respectively. The three stones at the center bottom represent the Magick necessary to activate the Leader's Ability, the stones correspond with the current Magick values above the card. The swords and shields icons below the picture shows the attack and defense gains when the card's ability is active.


Tournaments can be created by host players. If there is an entry fee, that is collected by the host. When there is a prize pool it must be staked by the host. At the end of the tournament the winners can claim the staked prizes.


CryptoKitties crossover

The Mythicats collaboration between Mythereum and CryptoKitties began in December 2018. Kitties can be forged into cards and used in Mythicats-specific tournaments, on Katurdays.