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QuikNode is the fastest and easiest way to run an Ethereum node.
Its mission is to help blockchain ecosystems scale by providing accessible Web3 infrastructure.

Main products:

Secondary products:


  • Easy to spin up a dedicated Ethereum node
  • Popular clients supported: Geth and Parity
  • Support for MainNet, Rinkeby, Ropsten, Kovan chains
  • Available Parity Archive node with full Trace data
  • Both HTTPs and WSS (WebSockets) are supported
  • 8 regions to choose from for best network performance
  • Simple UI to manage node, view metrics, logs, and make changes
  • All RPC methods (except wallet), including txpool/queue, subscriptions, are supported
  • Fast: Full node is ready in minutes (vs. days/weeks)
  • No throttling or preset limitataions


  • Costs money to use it (ETH is accepted)