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December 2013

Bootstrapping A Decentralized Autonomous Corporation: Part I

Bootstrapping An Autonomous Decentralized Corporation, Part 2: Interacting With the World

Bootstrapping a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation, Part 3: Identity Corp

January 2014

Slasher: A Punitive Proof-of-Stake Algorithm

Ethereum: Now Going Public

Conference, Alpha Testnet and Ether Pre-sale Updates

February 2014

On Transaction Fees, And The Fallacy of Market-Based Solutions

Introducing Ethereum Script 2.0

More Thoughts on Scripting and Future-Compatibility

Cryptographic Code Obfuscation: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Are About to Take a Huge Leap Forward

Why Not Just Use X? An Instructive Example from Bitcoin

Important Statement regarding the Ether pre-sale

Ethereum Scalability and Decentralization Updates

DAOs Are Not Scary, Part 1: Self-Enforcing Contracts And Factum Law

March 2014

DAOs Are Not Scary, Part 2: Reducing Barriers

The Question of Mining

The Latest EVM: “Ethereum Is A Trust-Free Closure System”

SchellingCoin: A Minimal-Trust Universal Data Feed

April 2014

Pythereum and Serpent Programming Guide

The Issuance Model in Ethereum

Decentralized Protocol Monetization and Forks

May 2014

Serpent upgrades: More Fun Stuff

DAOs, DACs, DAs and More: An Incomplete Terminology Guide

What is Ethereum? Project, Platform, Fuel, Stack.

The Xbox and Ethereum’s Dual Mandate

Long-Range Attacks: The Serious Problem With Adaptive Proof of Work

On Long-Term Cryptocurrency Distribution Models

What If Ethereum Lived on a Treap? Or, Blockchains Charging Rent

June 2014

Ethereum Project Update

On Mining

Advanced Contract Programming Example: SchellingCoin

July 2014

On Stake

Background on the mechanics of the ether pre-sale

Toward a 12-second Block Time

the ethereum project: learning to dream with open minds

Ethereum and Oracles

Launching the Ether Sale

Ether Purchase Troubleshooting

August 2014

Programming Society with Asm: Gavin Wood at Assembly 2014

Ether Sale: A Statistical Overview

Announcement on planned withdrawal from exodus

Secret Sharing and Erasure Coding: A Guide for the Aspiring Dropbox Decentralizer

building the decentralized web 3.0

An Introduction to Futarchy

State of Ethereum: August Edition

September 2014

Software and Bounded Rationality

crypto renaissance

Scalability, Part 1: Building on Top

October 2014

Slasher Ghost, and Other Developments in Proof of Stake

Gav’s ÐΞV Update I: Where Ethereum’s at

Scalability, Part 2: Hypercubes

An Information-Theoretic Account of Secure Brainwallets

November 2014

Gav’s Ethereum ÐΞV Update II

Jeff’s Ethereum ÐΞV Update I

Ethereum Community and Adoption Update – Week 1

The Search for a Stable Cryptocurrency

Scalability, Part 3: On Metacoin History and Multichain

Gav’s Ethereum ÐΞV Update III

On Bitcoin Maximalism, and Currency and Platform Network Effects

Proof of Stake: How I Learned to Love Weak Subjectivity

December 2014

From inside Ethereum ÐΞVhub Berlin

ÐΞVcon-0 Recap

Gav’s Ethereum ÐΞV Update IV

Ethereum ÐΞV: What are we doing?

A call to all the bug bounty hunters out there…

Secret Sharing DAOs: The Other Crypto 2.0

On Silos

January 2015

Jeff’s Ethereum ÐΞV Update II

Ethereum Community Survey

Light Clients and Proof of Stake

Superrationality and DAOs

The P + epsilon Attack

February 2015

The Subjectivity / Exploitability Tradeoff

March 2015

Gav’s Ethereum ÐΞV Update V

The Ethereum Launch Process

The Ethereum Development Process

Getting to the Frontier

Mihai’s Ethereum Project Update. The First Year.

Jutta’s update on bug bounty program and security audit

Ethereum Builders: A Proposed Experiment

April 2015

Ethereum’s unexpected future direction

Implementing Vitalik’s vision

Bazaar Services

Blockchain Scalability: Chain-Fibers Redux

Ethereum Builders: Tapping Into The Collaborative Potential

DEVgrants: Here to Help

Ethereum Foundation is hiring an Executive Director

Ethereum Foundation Open Call re: Board Selection

Visions, Part 1: The Value of Blockchain Technology

Visions, Part 2: The Problem of Trust

May 2015

The end of the beginning…

Olympic: Frontier Pre-Release

Announcing eπ: Ethereum on Raspberry Pi Programme

The Business Imperative Behind the Ethereum Vision

June 2015

The Problem of Censorship

Another Ethereum ÐΞV Update

Ethereum messaging for the masses (including fathers) – via infographic

State Tree Pruning

July 2015

On Abstraction

How do you know Ethereum is secure?

Frontier is coming – what to expect, and how to prepare

Final Steps

A few last minute notes…

Ethereum Launches

Announcing the New Foundation Board and Executive Director

August 2015

Introducing Casper “the Friendly Ghost”

The Thawing Frontier

Ethereum Protocol Update 1

On Public and Private Blockchains

Security Alert 1 windows+alethzero

Chain Reorganisation Depth Expectations

An Analysis of the First 100000 Blocks

Security alert consensus issue

Olympic Rewards Announced

On Anti-Pre-Revelation Games

Security Advisory Insecurely configured geth can make funds remotely accessible

September 2015

devcon one postponed until further notice

Security Advisory Implementation bugs in Go and Python clients can cause DoS – Fixed – Please update clients

Security Alert – Implementation bug in Go clients causing increase in difficulty – Fixed – Miners check and update Go clients

A message from Stephan Tual

Security Alert – Previous security patch can lead to invalid state root on Go clients with a specific transaction sequence – Fixed. Please update.

On Slow and Fast Block Times

Ethereum Wallet – Developer Preview

Ethereum Comms Announcement

DEVcon is back!

More uncle statistics

The Evolution of Ethereum

October 2015

Security Advisory eth (cpp-ethereum) potentially vulnerable if running with UPnP enabled

Ethereum Dev Update 2015 / Week 41

Vitalik’s Research and Ecosystem Update

Security alert Implementation of BLOCKHASH instruction in C++ and Go clients can potentially cause consensus issue – Fixed. Please update.

Nick Szabo Confirmed as Keynote Speaker of Ethereum’s DEVCON1

Microsoft to Sponsor Ethereum’s DEVCON1

November 2015

Ethereum Dev Update 2015 / Week 44

Stateful Turing-Complete Policies

Merkling in Ethereum

Applications of Security Deposits and Prediction Markets You Might Not Have Thought About

December 2015

Ethereum in practice part 1: how to build your own cryptocurrency without touching a line of code

Ethereum in practice part 2: how to build a better democracy in under a 100 lines of code

Ethereum in practice part 3: how to build your own transparent bank on the blockchain

Understanding Serenity, Part I: Abstraction

Understanding Serenity, Part 2: Casper

January 2016

Ethereum Foundation Internal Update

ÐΞVgrants Update and New Funding

The last Blog Post

Privacy on the Blockchain

February 2016

Ambients Applied to Ethereum

Cut and try: building a dream

Ethereum DEV Update: C++ Roadmap

BTC Relay included in Ethereum Bounty Program

From Smart Contracts to Courts with not so Smart Judges

Homestead Release

March 2016

Serenity PoC2

An Open Source Mining Pool Bounty and DEVgrant

Solidity Available in Visual Studio

April 2016

Ethereum Partners with R3CEV on Lizardcoin, Bringing Together the Best of Centralized Finance and Blockchain Technology

Ethereum Foundation and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs announce a blockbuster event combining Devcon2 and the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai, September 19–24, 2016

May 2016

C++ DEV Update: Announcing Remix

On Settlement Finality

Security Alert – Geth suffers from a very low probable DoS attack vector – Update immediately

Security Alert – cpp-ethereum keeps accounts unlocked

June 2016

Go Ethereum’s JIT-EVM

Security Alert – cpp-ethereum’s account unlocking problem not yet fixed Now fixed

Smart Contract Security

The Ethereum Foundation welcomes Microsoft as the Premiere Sponsor of Devcon2, Shanghai 19-21 September, 2016


Thinking About Smart Contract Security

Security Alert – Smart Contract Wallets created in frontier are vulnerable to phishing attacks

DAO Wars: Your voice on the soft-fork dilemma

Security Alert – DoS Vulnerability in the Soft Fork

July 2016

The Devcon2 site is now live!

C++ DEV Update – July edition

Taylor’s Summer Update

How to build server less applications for Mist

To fork or not to fork

Hard Fork Completed

Hive: How we strived for a clean fork

Onward from the Hard Fork

On Inflation, Transaction Fees and Cryptocurrency Monetary Policy

September 2016

Dev Update: Formal Methods

Security alert – All geth nodes crash due to an out of memory bug

The Ethereum network is currently undergoing a DoS attack

Transaction spam attack: Next Steps

October 2016

Announcement of imminent hard fork for EIP150 gas cost changes

FAQ: Upcoming Ethereum Hard Fork

Security Alert – Mist can be vulnerable when navigating to malicious DApps

Uncle Rate and Transaction Fee Analysis

November 2016

Security Alert – Solidity – Variables can be overwritten in storage

Analysis of Storage Corruption Bug

Whoa… Geth 1.5

Hard Fork No. 4: Spurious Dragon

From Morden to Ropsten

Security alert 11/24/2016: Consensus bug in geth v1.4.19 and v1.5.2

December 2016

Ethereum Research Update

zkSNARKs in a nutshell

The History of Casper — Chapter 1

The History of Casper – Chapter 2

Swarm alpha public pilot and the basics of Swarm

Security alert 12/19/2016: Forums Database Compromised

December Roundup

January 2017

Introduction of the Light Client for DApp developers

An Update on Integrating Zcash on Ethereum (ZoE)

February 2017

Ethereum R&D Roundup: Valentine’s Day Edition

March 2017

Ethereum JS Ecosystem Updates

April 2017

Ethereum Dev Roundup: Q1

Ethereum Dev Roundup: Q1 (Boring Edition)

Geth 1.6 – Puppeth Master

May 2017

Solidity optimizer bug

Roundup Round III

July 2017

Roundup Q2

August 2017

Statement Objecting To EME as a W3C Recommendation

Roundup #5

September 2017

Geth 1.7 – Megara

October 2017

Roundup #6

Byzantium HF Announcement

November 2017


Devcon3 videos available now!

December 2017

Security alert — Chromium vulnerability affecting Mist Browser Beta

January 2018

Q4 Roundup

Ethereum scalability research and development subsidy programs

To Infinity and Beyond!

Farewell and Welcome

February 2018

Geth 1.8 – Iceberg¹

March 2018

Announcing Beneficiaries of the Ethereum Foundation Grants

April 2018

Announcing World Trade Francs: The Official Ethereum Stablecoin

May 2018

Announcing May 2018 Cohort of EF Grants

Devcon4 Announcement

June 2018

Announcing Swarm Proof-of-Concept Release 3

July 2018

Devcon4 Ticket Sales

An Update on Devcon4 Ticket Allocations & Sales

Devcon4 Application Deadlines Coming Soon

Answers to your top 3 Devcon4 questions

Devcon4 Call for Participation!

August 2018

Ethereum Foundation Grants Update - Wave III

September 2018

Solidity Bugfix Release

October 2018

Ethereum Foundation Grants Update - Wave IV

Announcing Our dc⟠ıv Sponsors and Supporters!

How the Ethereum Foundation grants program makes decisions

December 2018

Devcon4 Videos and Pictures Released!

Call for Submissions! DApps Solving Real-World Issues

January 2019

Announcing an Ethereum Foundation Grant to Parity Technologies

Ethereum Constantinople Upgrade Announcement

Security Alert: Ethereum Constantinople Postponement

February 2019

Ethereum Foundation Grants Program Wave 5

Ethereum Constantinople/St. Petersburg Upgrade Announcement

March 2019

Solidity Optimizer and ABIEncoderV2 Bug

April 2019

Beginning a new

May 2019

Ethereum Foundation Spring 2019 Update

June 2019

Devcon in Osaka: Applications now open!

EF-Supported Teams: Development Report

Solidity Storage Array Bugs

July 2019

Geth v1.9.0

On Wave 1 and Devcon Ticketing

Devcon updates: Announcing Wave 2, a New Application window, and more!

August 2019

Devcon Tickets: Wave 3 and beyond

Translating Ethereum for our Global Community

Announcing the Devcon Scholars Program

Devcon5 On-Chain Ticket Sale

Announcing Ethereum Foundation and Co-Funded Grants

September 2019

Live: Devcon5 Final Ticket Appeals

Devcon On-Chain Raffle & Auction Participants

Development Update #0 -

Eth2 Interop in Review

Devcon5 Schedule, Sponsors and Speakers are online NOW!

October 2019

The Devcon5 Bible

eth2 quick update

eth2 quick update no. 2

November 2019

Eth2 at ETHWaterloo: Prizes for Eth2 education, tooling, and research

eth2 quick update no. 3

Development Update #1 -

Announcing a Taiwan-specific Wave of Grants

Ecosystem Support Program call for applications

Ethereum Istanbul Upgrade Announcement

eth2 quick update no. 4

Validated: Staking on eth2 #0

December 2019

EF-Supported Teams: Research & Development Update

eth2 quick update no. 5

The 1.x Files: a fast-sync

eth2 quick update no. 6

The 1.x Files: December call digest

Ethereum Muir Glacier Upgrade Announcement

The 1.x Files: The State of Stateless Ethereum

January 2020

Update on the Vyper Compiler

Validated, staking on eth2: #1 - Incentives

eth2 quick update no. 7

The 1.x Files: January call digest

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