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Gitcoin Torch


The Gitcoin Torch is a community effort to spur funding of Ethereum projects using the Gitcoin Grants platform.

What are you talking about?

The Gitcoin CLR Matching effort contains of two main components, matchers and donators.

Matchers are individuals who have pledged a certain amount of Dai to a matching pool. These funds will be used to match any donations from individuals to a Grant.

Donators are individuals who want to direct their own funds towards certain projects. These funds will be matched at the end of the effort using CLR matching.

OK great! How do I participate?

Those who want to act as matchers should reach out to @econoar on Twitter. Matchers are able to hold their own funds until the end to disperse or can send to an address that acts as a treasury until the end.

Those who want to act as donators can head over to Gitcoin Grants and give to their favorite projects funds.

Why would I participate?

All projects on Gitcoin Grants are open source. This is a great way to give to teams who are building open source projects that are vital to the future success of Ethereum. Also, it's a great opportunity to make your single donation go further with matching contributions behind it.


Torch Total: 14,000

  • Eric Conner - 1,000 Dai
  • Megan Knab - 1,000 Dai
  • Anon1 - 500 Dai
  • David Bleznak - 1,000 Dai
  • Anon2 - 500 Dai
  • Anon3 - 2000 Dai
  • FollowTheChain - 1000 Dai
  • Anon4 - 1000 Dai
  • Anon5 - 1000 Dai
  • Anon6 - 5000 Dai

Ethereum Foundation: 50,000

Gitcoin Torch Kudos

Anyone who pledges $1000 or more will get this limited edition Gitcoin Torch Kudos